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How is your New Years Resolution Going?

We all start out with great intentions... get into shape, loose the extra baby weight we have been carrying, or fit into our favorite pre-pregnancy jeans.  Then why is it so hard to stick with it and get the results we are looking for?


Getting motivated and excited to workout is the key.  Pick something you enjoy doing!  My motivating and exciting workout is Kickboxing.  Not only is it a great total body workout, it is an awesome way to relieve stress.  Everyone can do…


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Travel Tips - Flying with kids

Holiday travel can be stressful enough… add two kids in the mix and it can be enough to loose your mind!  I do quite a bit of flying with my kids, 3 and 1 yrs old, and wanted to share some tips to make traveling a little easier.


Curb side checking – worth the extra couple of dollars to have free hands walking through the airport


Be prepared for the security check point – I like to get my carryon ready at home.  If you are traveling with liquids…


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Make time for you

How many moms put their kids needs infront of their own?  I know I do.  When was the last time you counted the number of servings of vegetables you ate that day?  Or insisted you took a nap or got to bed early?  What about when you don’t feel good?  Why do we do all these things for our kids and drop the ball when it comes to ourselves?


As moms we have to take care of ourselves so that we can take better care of our kids.  I know it is hard… who has the time, right?  But…


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Does your husband help too much?

“Help Has No Fury… A new study says the more Dad pitches in with the kids, the more annoyed Mom gets.”

This is what I read while skimming through May’s issue of Parenting. No way… I have never heard any of my girl friends vent that her husband is helping too much with the kids. Parenting must have it wrong, I had to keep reading.

“…a recent study published in Developmental Psychology observed the co-parenting practices of 112 couples over the course of a year. The… Continue

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Eating Healthy... Even at BBQs

Summer is almost here and that means BBQs, family parties and vacations. That also means it is very easy to “stray” from your healthy eating. Here a couple tips to keep in mind when eating out this summer:

Skip the chips and dip and cheese and crackers. START with the veggies

Go for the turkey burgers or even a veggie burger on the grill instead of hot dogs or ribs

Eat corn on the cob and stay away from mayo based salads

For dessert pick some fruit,… Continue

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So we would all like to think our houses are completely child proof.....

So we would all like to think our houses are completely child proof. Or our kids know better than to get into the medicine cabinet. The reality is an accident can happen to anyone, anywhere.

My girlfriend has two daughter and a son ages 7, 5 and 2 respectively. So her house has been “child-proofed” for years. Her son was helping her load the dishwasher (as all 2 years like to do) and he picked up the dish detergent and put it in his mouth. Thank goodness…


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Martial Arts and My Kids


Martial Arts begins with self-discipline, or what I like to call a “non-quitting spirit”.

But…before self-discipline can be developed, discipline must come from an external source, your instructor. Once a child starts to achieve, they begin to apply self-discipline, which leads to greater achievement, and achievement develops confidence.…


Added by Angie Hoffman on March 27, 2011 at 8:00am — 3 Comments

Workout Your Body and Mind

Anaerobic exercise, or interval workouts, are an important part of getting physically fit and staying healthy for the mind and body. An anaerobic workout is one where your heart rate is elevated and you’re using your muscles at a high intensity for a short period of time. You then take a rest, let your heart rate come down and repeat.…


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