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So I had a VERY scary moment the other day. While driving to take my daughter to daycare (a 35 minute drive from home), my daughter went into her usual morning routine:

  • Baby drops cup
  • Mommy (myself) reaches back to find cup
  • Baby cries for toy
  • Mommy reaches to find one of the 1000 toys that are in the backseat
  • Baby throws the toy that Mommy gave her because it's the BROWN horse and not the BLACK one


 While going through this routine, there were moments thrown in there of crying, yelling for Mommy, and asking for a new radio station. I found myself looking at the backseat a little too often, or reaching to the back to hand my daughter something that somewhat took my focus off the road. On this particular day, while we were driving on the NJ turnpike, as I handed my daughter a stuffed doll, I realized that my car was swerving into the next lane. I immediately had a flash forward moment of getting hit by a car or running off of the road, and I FREAKED. It was in that moment, that I passed a sign that said 'Stop Driving While Texting'. Well, what about stop driving while Mommying? I respond to my daughter's cries a little too often while driving, and in that moment, I confirmed in my mind that arriving safely to our destination is well above any immediate need of hers for her toy, binkie, or bottle. NO MORE. I'M DONE. I love my daughter too much to risk her safety in that manner.


So no more Mommying while driving. Not for me. She'll just have to wait until we pull over.

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Comment by Hackensack Meridian Health on May 29, 2012 at 3:55pm

Great post Nicole! I think a lot of us can relate. 


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